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Covid-19… A New Way to Think and Live
November 1, 2020

Life is far from normal these days. It’s hard not seeing family or friends and not being able to hug our grandchildren, but we have managed to adapt to new ways of living. Here are a few thoughts on the positives and negatives. 

“Due to the stay-at-home order, I had more time for reflection and more time to consider the current social climate.”

 “It was a challenging shift to my mindset when all around me was a new order of living.”

“I took refuge in studio time when others were asleep. After the emails were answered, housework done, on line meetings finished and phone calls returned, studio time was my gift to me.” 

“I was paralyzed when it came to all things creative for the first couple of months.” 

“I found that I could not focus on one thing. I could not finish reading a book, I could not come up with ideas for my art. I just flitted about like a bee collecting nectar from flower to flower.”

“I became less of a consumer and discovered that I do not really need all the things I thought I needed.”

 “My focus completely left during covid -19 and I could not think of a single thing I wanted to paint or do.” 

“The lack of connection to people, not having any commitments to meet or a busy scheduled day, completely redefined my sense of order. I hope to get back to my art soon as I miss the time in  my studio.”

“Initially, there was a lack of focus…lots of baking bread etc.  later, I found I could regain some focus and started revisiting and playing with materials that I hadn’t touched in a while.”

“I spent too much time on social media to the detriment of my art practice.”

“I discovered the joy of not rushing through the day, dashing from one thing to the next always feeling like I would never catchup. I loved the forced isolation and slower pace.”

“I feel covid-19 has slowed my pace down in a good way and has forced me to see that a less frenzied lifestyle is a good thing for my health and my art.” 

“Red, yellow, blue will mix all the colours of the rainbow and more! So why do 

I have this huge collection of tubes, bottles, inks  and pans of paint? Covid has taught me that less is more!” 


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