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Art Collecting – why we do it

The main reason for collecting original artwork is simple: we love owning original things and we like to surround ourselves with objects that bring us joy.

Art collecting is about passion and emotion, and it’s about finding pieces that capture our imagination.

Art collecting is a game and a lifelong pursuit of discovering what our tastes are and finding art that represents the way we view the world.

We might collect art as a reminder of places we’ve traveled, reflect cultures which interest us or reflect a style we love.

Original artwork whether created in clay, wood, fibre, metal, glass, paint or even natural materials holds the magic of the creators hands and mind.

Owning a fine creation that is truly one-of-a-kind and represents our tastes and sense of beauty, is the only reason we need for collecting originals.

What kind of original art creations do you collect?

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