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Why buy original artwork? 

July 31, 2020

This is a huge question  with many different answers. 

Being on duty in the Arts on Main Gallery over the years  gave everyone an opportunity to have interesting conversations with art buyers and hearing the deciding factors in choosing to buy the art they purchased. The answers were varied… 

  • fell in love with this when I first saw it and I just had to buy it! 
  • I just moved and need something ‘special’ to personalize my space.
  • Buying a piece of original art that I love describes me the same way that my sense of fashion does.
  • I like buying original work as I know I am supporting the artist to continue their art explorations.
  • I love things that are made by hand and enjoy having unique pieces around me. 
  • Original art inspires conversation, between observers.
  • Buying original art allows one to curate a special collection that no one else can duplicate. 
  • I like the excitement of buying original art to add to my unique collection. 
  • I buy art as a financial investment if I feel the artist’s work has potential to increase in value.
  • I have been collecting the work of this artist  for years and want to add to my collection. 
  • I love original art as it is the results of an artists vision and hard work, and that  means so much more than buying something mass produced.
  • I buy original art work as gifts as it is more meaningful to me to give something original and I think it is has more meaning for the recipient too. 


There are no doubt many other reasons we have all heard for buying original art. 

I suspect the main reason though is the buyer fell in love with it, in other words “It spoke to them”! 

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