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Happy New Year to all from Arts on Main Gallery Members 


While googling art sites we came across this article by Lisa Marder on New Year  resolutions for artists from which we have taken the important suggestions she made for you to read in this blog. 

We hope this leads to lots of creating in 2021! 

  1. Set at least one long-term goal such as having a show, getting a gallery to represent you or creating a web site. Decide by when you want to achieve the long-term goal, then break it down into smaller, manageable steps.
  2. Set short-term goals. These are goals that you set for yourself to accomplish within a shorter time-frame. For example if you are creating a web site a short term goal would be getting good photographs of your work, writing an artist statement etc.
  3. Keep a calendar. This is where you will set deadlines for yourself to help you achieve your goals as well as keep track of exhibit deadlines, application deadlines, when to drop off and pick up work, etc. This is also where you schedule time to do your artwork.
  4. Schedule time to paint. Schedule undistracted time for your artwork on a regular basis. Paint or create daily if you can. Value who you are and what you do as an artist and make time for it. 
  5. Keep track of your work. This is part of valuing your work. Keep a spreadsheet of your work. Include title, dimensions, medium, date, and where it is. Is it on loan? Is it sold? Who owns it? How much did you sell it for? 
  6. Use sketchbooks and visual journals regularly. These are the seeds for your next great creation. 
  7. Grow your fan base through social media. The more people who see your artwork, the greater opportunity there is for selling it. 
  8. Support other artists. You can start by “Liking” other artists’ posts on social media. Artists tend to be a friendly, supportive, caring group of people, generally happy for other artist’s successes. 
  9. See more art and other cultural performances. Go to art openings, exhibits, museum shows, theater, and dance performances. Not only will you be supporting other artists by attending their openings, but the more artwork you’re exposed to, the more ideas you will get for your own artwork. 
  10. Grow as an artist. Learn new skills and try new materials. Take a class. Teach a class. Write a blog. Painting is a solitary business — balance it by getting out into the world and mingling with other people, creative types and other artists.


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