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The times, they are a-changin’

June 29, 2020

Times have changed, so we have had to re-think how we can share art talk with not only our valued followers but also new visitors to our web site and other artists. We hope that Art Mix will add to the connectivity we miss with you, our followers.

The focus of this first Art Mix piece is on a couple of challenges that artists face on a daily basis, time and money.

In an artist co-op like Arts on Main Gallery, the members fall into a couple of categories which includes some who are professional artists and are represented in the gallery as part of their art business, and some who are accomplished artists who choose to be in the gallery for the opportunity to display and share their art with the public.

In both cases time and money come into play, as art is costly when it comes to the materials and tools one needs to create the art, and time is not always easy to find.

Many professional artists cannot depend solely on art sales to put food on the table, and they must also have another income source and sometimes even several sources. This other work is what makes finding time such a challenge, but it provides the funds for supplies and promotion so one can succeed, and eventually rely on art sales to make a living.

‘Making’ time for ones art practice is quite different from ‘finding’ time for your art, and if you can’t ‘make’ the time, then the next question every artist needs to ask himself/herself should be, are you truly serious about selling your art?

Bottom line all artists aspire for their art business or art passion to be self funding, so the adage ‘time is money’ should be every successful artists’ mantra.

We would love to hear how you manage time for your art endeavours. 

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