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The artist & the impact of Covid 19 

Sept 1, 2020

Covid19 changed our normal way of life. Dayna Law reflects on how the pandemic  impacted her … 

For me the whole experience seemed to happen with great speed… I think of my experience in series of reality moments:

 REALITY #1… urgency!
One moment we are settled in Naples with family and friends, lazily enjoying warmth and sunshine, a month before we were scheduled to head north.

We hear reports of this virus just as families begin to arrive in droves for their March break holiday.  Suddenly Prime Minister Trudeau is telling Canadians to get home! We will never forget his emphatic words filled with urgency and concern… 

 REALITY #2… haste!
I quickly pack up unfinished canvases for the northern trek.  We pack and purge our kitchen, pack up our belongings, make meals for 3 days on the road and we head north.  The further we travel, the more our “escape” seems real… lots of Quebec and Ontario plates head to the border.  I think of refugees who flee wars and famine, and suddenly feel very sympathetic.

 REALITY #3… settle down!
The weather is damp and miserable, we unpack and settle down for our 2 weeks quarantine, somewhat giddy to be on Canadian soil, somewhat enjoying lockdown with lots of Zooming with family, baking bread, watching Netflix… 

 REALITY #4… sadness and loss!
I find it hard to imagine life after those initial 2 weeks.  Somehow I expected it would be over… It was tough as a dear friend died of cancer, his wife started chemo, the gallery was forced to close, we were locked down in worry and fear… I was not able to concentrate on doing anything creative.  Life was filled with sadness and loss!

REALITY #5… happiness!
Spring finally came, and lots of heat followed… I gardened daily before the sun became too hot… that was my creative release…  And, finally I mustered the strength to unpack my paints and finish up 2 large canvases, started in the south, finished in the north.  Suddenly, I came to life… I felt guilty for squandering so many weeks and worked like a crazy woman trying to make up for lost time…   The memory of my first glass of wine outdoors with a friend, a dinner party with distance, a bike ride along the trail and finally visiting our family are happy memories which I will always cherish. 

REALITY #6… a new way
With our border closed, turmoil in the United States and political uncertainty, we are thinking perhaps we will not be able, nor will we want to return to our southern home.

Our concern is for our family returning to work and school, staying healthy and appreciating all the small things in life.  This pandemic has forced me to slow down, to contemplate, to reflect, to appreciate, to re-evaluate… to even hope!



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