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There were whispers…

 There were whispers.  Long before the first rumours were leaked, there were huddled clusters, shoulder to shoulder, exchanging ideas; leads on possible locations.  That would be too small.  That’s not even heated.  Too secluded and far off the beaten track.  The search continued.   The Arts on Main Galley badly wanted to return to a live, physical location; ideally on Main Street; ideally right downtown and on the sunny side.  In the best of all scenarios, they wanted their former location.  That was the best.  223 Main Street. 

More whispers.  They were in negotiations.  Quiet now.  Don’t let others know it is coming available.  What?  The lease is going to be drawn up?  When?  Is it done yet?  When do we actually get our copy of the signed agreement?  More waiting. 

How many emails does it take to open up a cooperative among 24 artists?  That number would astound you.   Which artist are returning?  More contracts sent out and hurriedly returned.   So much interested talent.  Now a waiting list, you say?  Organize the insurance.  Pull the plinths out of storage.  Who has the Chimp Mail file?   More exchanged emails.  Snowy trips back from town after dark.  Trips in to consult with the Heritage Committee about signage.  There is so very much to do.  

It is only one month before the doors at 223 Main Street are flung open again.  Everyone of the 24 artists have had their assigned responsibilities confirmed.  Someone gets to look after procurements.  Someone else does social media.  There is still scheduling and window display and of course the hanging and display crew.   We have become a bustling hive of creatives.  Applying final glazing.  Switching up the hue for more contrast. Sketching out new ideas and readying the artwork for framing.  All frantically working towards opening day activities. 

April 1st 2022
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 pm
223 Main Street, Picton
(Right across from the Regent Theatre on the sunny side of the street)

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