Photo of Dianne KehoeDianne Kehoe
Originally from Montreal, Dianne grew up in very artistic ad creative family. Her love of visual expression started there, and Dianne took that natural talent and studied both graphic design and fine art, completing a Diploma of Graphic Design at Dawson College and taking studies in fine art there, at OCAD in Toronto, as well many other well-know art institutes. Dianne enjoyed a very successful career working in both ad agencies and design studios in Toronto, and later, starting and managing her own design and advertising business. In her early studies and throughout her career, she has pursued studies in fine art and developed her own personal drawing and painting style – first through watercolour landscape work and figurative drawing, and more recently through her oil and acrylic works. In 2016, Dianne decided it was time to pursue her love of painting full time. Together, her and her partner bought a rural property and home and moved to Prince Edward County. Never looking back, Dianne is delighted to call The County ‘Home’.

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