Karen Istead


Karen is a glass artist living on south Baptiste Lake in North Hastings. Using stained and fused glass techniques, she strives to capture the light reflecting upon the forests and waterways. With a primary focus upon fusing glass, she uses her own photos of trees and lakes to make impressions that sparkle and dazzle like light and sunshine itself. The fusing technique can be considered painting with glass, using glass powders to large sheets of glass. These glass frits are often created by pounding it to the sizes required. These glass creations are then fused in the glass kiln, sometimes multiple times. Many of her works are Birch trees and groves that show depth, as if you would be able to walk among the trees themselves. The colourful light is captured with transparent glass for window hangings, opaques glass for wall presentation and to display on end tables. 

Karens glass education began at Halliburton School of Arts and then became self taught with twenty years of experience and all things glass.

Karen’s work is well known during the Bancroft and Area Studio Tour. Her work can also be found at galleries in Wilno, Bancroft and Tweed, or by appointment at her home. 

For shipping in Canada, the cost of packaging and shipping has been included.

home phone: 6133320504

email:  kistead0@gmail.com

facebook: Karen Istead Glass Artist

winter birch by Karen Istead

Winter Birch
Fused Glass
translucent window hanging
rustic spalted pine frame
14” x 17”

Birch Fall Forest by Karen Istead

Birch Fall Forest
Fused Glass, translucent window hanging
rustic barnyard frame
23” x 23”

Birch Forest by Karen Istead

Birch Forest 
Fused Glass
translucent standalone S curve for end table
14” x 9”

Fall Forest by Karen Istead

Fall Forest
Fused Glass
Translucent standalone S curve for end table
14” x 8”

fused glass by karen Istead

Foggy Morning Pickerel Weed by Karen Istead
Fused Glass
Black metal stand included
Opaque glass with stand for end table or can be framed for wall or soft window hanging
11” x 14”

Light in the Forest by Karen Istead

Light in the Forest by Karen Istead
Fused Glass
translucent window hanging, rustic barn board frame
14” x 17”

Hillside Birch Forest by Karen Istead

Hillside Birch Forest
Fused Glass
Translucent window hanging, rustic ash frame
14” x 20”

Centre Lake Pine by Karen Istead

Centre Lake Pine
Fused Glass
Translucent window hanging, rustic ash frame
13” x 16”

The Birch View by Karen Istead

The Birch View
Fused Glass
Opaque wall hanging, rustic maple frame
15” x 21”

Birch bowl by Karen Istead

Birch Bowl 
Fused Glass
for display or use as a serving bowl
12” W x 2.5”D

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