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“My aim is to reflect the beauty and mystery of my surroundings, revealing the extraordinary that lies beneath the ordinary. Go figure. I have been a downtown city person most of my life, I am now obsessed with the beauty and chaos of the natural world.”

Tassie Notar is a painter of mostly abstract landscapes.

Before retiring, she was a television producer at the CBC, and an independent documentary filmmaker. She spent her last years as executive producer of CBC’s Marketplace.

She started painting in earnest in 2016 when she began living in Prince Edward County, while maintaining a part-time presence in Toronto.

Her medium of choice is acrylic paints. She is drawn to abstract landscapes, exploiting what’s already present. She uses colour and lines to try to evoke a feeling of movement and playfulness. Her work has been shown at Melt Gallery at Base 31, and at Arts on Main on Main Street.

She has studied locally at the Baxter Centre, and continues to take classes at the Haliburton School of the Arts, and the Toronto School of Art.

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