Agnes BellegrisAgnes Bellegris

Value is Everything

Agnes is an artist who cherishes the interplay of light and dark and the colourful space we occupy with animals and nature.

Her goal is to bring vibrancy and joy into her collectors’ homes. Agnes’ acrylic and sometimes mixed-media work is for those who seek beauty rather than perfection by finding a story that speaks to them within the canvas. Although not formally trained, Agnes has painted her entire life. She does not consider herself self-taught as she has had the opportunity to take courses and workshops offered by some of the best Canadian and American painters. Her tools are brushes, pallet knives and her fingers.

Agnes chooses to honour the natural beauty that surrounds her one paint stroke at a time. With every layer of colour, she brings to life a vibrant and energetic subject we might want to be in or with. Be it a beloved pet, an idyllic scene or a vibrant bouquet, her goal is to impart joy, serenity or perhaps nostalgia in the most positive of ways.

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