Barb Högenauer
Barb’s work is about mood of location, working with thick and thin layers of paint, over a textured surface. Although the painting might be about a particular place, the aim is not simply to record the view – but more the experience of being in that place. The approach to her work is intuitive and often experimental, a combination of physical observation, quick sketches and photographs.

Barb shares her workspace with her partner Terry Culbert at their in-house studio, Prince Edward’s County Studio, located at 3339 County Road 2 (just west of Hwy 62) Ameliasburgh.

Barb’s work can be found at Arts on Main Gallery, Online; SideStreet Gallery, Wellington; Maison Depoivre Art Gallery, Picton; The Local Store, Bloomfield and at County Studio, Ameliasburgh.

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