Veronica Cluett

Veronica Cluett
I paint the things that describe my personal journey through life, influenced by architecture both man made and as seen in nature.

Painting has been a lifetime passion and I have sketched and painted since childhood enjoying many different styles and techniques from realism to abstract expressionism.

Though largely self taught, I have taken numerous workshops over the years with talented professional artists to improve my skills and to broaden my art experience.

My background in interior design has been helpful in my art explorations. Acrylic is the medium I work in but I also like to experiment using natural and other collage materials.

Pushing beyond a signature style, I prefer experimenting with different techniques and directions in my art work. The natural world and architecture, both man-made and as seen in nature inspire me most.

I have been accepted into the juried Art in the County show for several consecutive years and have participated in many art exhibitions both locally and away. I am a member at Arts on Main Gallery and a member of County Arts.

Supporting many County fundraisers, has given me the opportunity to donate to important community causes.

Painting gives me great joy, and the meditative productive time spent in my studio is one of the benefits of retirement to this beautiful place, The County.

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