Howard Goldberg

In his work as a filmmaker over the last 40 years, Howard has edited, written, and/or directed over 30 documentary feature films, receiving numerous Gemini’s and Canadian Screen Awards. His documentary BEING DOROTHY, was nominated Best Feature Documentary by the International Documentary Association and has been featured at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Many of his other films are broadcast on PBS, CBC, BBC4, The Documentary Channel, and ARTE.

Still photography has always been central to the way Howard develops narrative ideas or visual treatments.

Drama is everywhere in nature, especially in a rural landscape fighting for it’s life against the imperatives of development and gentrification. I can leave my house, walk for 10 minutes and see a Bald Eagle flying against the backdrop of a Hydro One generating station. I can enter the forest in winter and witness the skeletal beauty of dormant trees, fossilized flowers, and tangled vines. I’m awestruck by the geometric patterns of “first ice” on a still shore line. All of these may become subjects for me and if I’m lucky enough to see them, the animals who live here too. Turtles, snakes, cows, sheep, llamas, even people! I’m always guessing at their inner life, trying to portray a reality underneath.

What is a turtle dreaming? Can dead branches think? Is a teapot waiting to be poured? The camera, for me, is a starting point. I like to work my images and surprise myself with the hidden personality of what we see. I hope you experience the same pleasure when viewing my work.

To see more of my work, please visit:
Sybil Frank Gallery
305 Main Street Wellington
Prince Edward County

My artist website:

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