Vicki Sharp

 I have been creating classic art jewellery and fine art paintings and since the late 80’s. After living 23 years in Muskoka, 2015 brought big changes when we built & moved to a new home and studio/gallery near Picton, in beautiful Prince Edward County, south of Belleville Ontario.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University and a Bachelor of Education degree from University of Toronto and completed 3 post-graduate scholarship sessions at The Banff School of Fine Arts.

I continue to teach both beading and metal jewellery at The Haliburton School for Art & Design and I offer group workshops in my home studio.

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My home gallery is open for visits by appointment.  Please call ahead  613-476-9929 

For more examples of my work, please visit

Bracelet 1A & 1B by Vicki Sharp

Bracelet 1A & 1B
7″ long each
$175 each

Bracelet 1A

Bracelet 1B

Bracelet 2A & 2B by Vicki Sharp

Bracelet 2A & 2B
7.25″ long each
$125 each

Bracelet 2A

Bracelet 2B

Bangle 3 by Vicki Sharp

Bangle 3

Bracelet 4A & 4B by Vicki Sharp

Bracelet 4A & 4B
Bracelets with sterling silver components & clasp
8”L. $105 each

Bracelet 4A

Bracelet 4B

Bangle 5A & 5B by Vicki Sharp

Bangles 5A & 5B
$95 each

Bangle 5A – 7.75″ dia.

Bangle 5B – 7.5″ dia.

Bracelet 6 by Vicki Sharp

Bracelet 6
seed beads & agate

Necklace 7A & 7B by Vicki Sharp

Necklace 7A & 7B
20″ each – $105 each

Necklace 7A

Bracelet 4B


Necklace 8B by Vicki Sharp

Necklace 8A & 8B
$105 each

Necklace 8A – 19″ dia.

Necklace 8B – 18″ dia.

Necklace 9 by Vicki Sharp

Necklace 9

Earrings 10A & 10B by Vicki Sharp

Earrings 10A & 10B
copper & sterling silver
$65 each

Earrings 10A

Earrings 10B

Earrings 11A & 11B by Vicki Sharp

Earrings 11A & 11B
$65 each

Earrings 11A

Earrings 11B

Earrings 12 by Vicki Sharp

Earrings 12
turquoise, fresh water pearl, sterling silver & beads

Earrings 3 by Vicki Sharp

Earrings 13
garnet, fresh water pearl, sterling silver & beads

Earrings 14 by Vicki Sharp

Earrings 14
amethyst, sterling silver,

Earrings 15 by Vicki Sharp

Earrings 15
carnelian, sterling silver

Pendants 16A, 16B, 16C by Vicki Sharp

Pendants 16A, 16B, 16C
copper, sterling silver faux bone.

A – 21″ – $140

B – 30″ – $145

C – 31″ – $85

Pendants 17A, 17B, 17C by Vicki Sharp

Pendants 17A, 17B, 17C
copper, sterling silver, precious metal clay, gold

A – 22″ – $130

B – 23″ – $130

C – 26″ – $85

Necklace 18 by Vicki Sharp

Necklace 18

Necklace 19 by Vicki Sharp
Necklace 19

peyote Bracelet by Vicki Sharp

Peyote Bracelet
Sterling Silver magnetic clasp
8.25″ Long

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